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Finally, something to post

From time to time I feel like I'm living in an SP strip (and that's not always a good feeling), and I've been wanting to post whenever I've had a "Davan moment."

Well, this comes close, as my girlfriend Wendy, the_dark_snack , had a "PeeJee moment" at GenCon:

As you might know, the con was held in the Indiana Convention Center, which is connected to the RCA Dome, home of the Indianapolis Colts, who played a preseason game with the Jets (and lost) the Saturday of the con.

After the Cthulhu for President rally Saturday night, Wendy (in her Miskatonic U. cheerleader skirt she made) came across this family walking down one of the main halls, exiting the game by going through the convention center. The mother looked down to her preschool daughter and asked, "Now honey, what did we say these people are?"

"Godless heathens," the child dutifully replied.

"And where will they go?" mother asked.

"Straight to Hell," the child answered.

Hearing this, Wendy turned around, crouched to look the tyke in the eye and said, "And if you like, we can take you with us!"

Then she just walked on, leaving the family to mull over her offer. =) 

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