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Fucking Dog Owners

I'm currently being sued by some guy because his dog is too aggressive and it learned not to tangle with the king of the suburban jungle: the tabby. Specifically, my mackerel tabby, a thirteen year old; twenty pound ball of fur, muscle, and claws named, appropriately enough, Scratch.

I have a habit of taking late night walks. Not the brightest idea, given my neighbourhood, but I don't generally have any problems since I'm intelligent enough not to wander down any dark alleys and I'm a big enough guy that the local thugs like to pick on easier prey than me. Scratch makes a habit of trailing me, which is somewhat disconcerting sometimes since he blends so well with the darkness and can appear out of nowhere.

So, night before last I go for a late night walk, intending to pick up an Iced Cappucino at Tim Horton's. Scratch appears out of nowhere after about half a block and merrily trots alongside me, occasionally disappearing into the brush to scare the living shit out of some nocturnal animal or another.

A guy with a roitweiler comes from the other direction, the stupid creature's tongue hanging out it's mouth and drool trailing from the corner of one lip. Same goes for the owner, come to think of it. Scratch is hanging around my heel as I walk. Now, as the dog passes on my left, he snaps at Scratch, Scratch having ignored the dumb beast as a non-threat. Scratch rears his head back, and as I look down I see it's close enough that Scratch, dumb but brave little bastard that he is, was missed so narrowly he could probably count the cavities in the dog's teeth.

As I'm opening my mouth to yell at the dog owner to get control of his animal, Scratch gets his own reply in first: raking his right paw right down the dog's nose, followed immediately by a left paw across the silly thing's right cheek. The dog rears back with a yelp, and pauses for a second as it looks at Scratch, confused that a twenty pound cat is standing up to a one hundred pound dog. I begin to chuckle at the sight.

But of course, Scratch isn't done yet. He's pissed off now. This is HIS neighbourhood and some upstart animal presumed to take a shot at him. He wants blood.

The dog, still confused, becomes even moreso as Scratch jumps, landing neatly on his head. His front paws wrapped around it's ears and claws digging in at it's jowls, while the back are balanced, for the briefest second, on his brow. His head darts forward and he sinks his teeth in on the scruff of the dog's neck, and then proceeds to start raking his claws down the dog's face. The dog lets out what can only be termed as a shriek, and proceeds to shake it's head back and forth as it tries to dislodge Scratch, who's having none of it. After about five seconds of continously raking his hind claws along the dog's face, Scratch lets go and sits, cool as you please, at my feet while the dog writhes on the ground, rubbing it's face in the grass of a lawn.

The owner, trying to calm his injured dog down, spies Scratch sitting at my feet, calmly grooming himself as he ignores his latest victim.

Now, I sorta know this guy. He knows my name, I know his. He lives in the same neighbourhood as me. He took his dog to an animal hospital, and it's lost vision in one of it's eyes. Presumably, Scratch got in a lucky hit before the dog closed it's eyes, because he got a claw right into the dog's pupil and slashed it good. The rest of the damage is mainly superficial, He's going to try to sue me based on the grounds that my animal injured his. I told him to go fuck himself. His dog attacked my cat and my cat retaliated. I'm not required, by law, to leash my animal... and it's allowed to defend itself, I should think.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be fine, but... holy shit. Yeah, it sucks your dog lost an eye, but how is this my fault? The asshole should learn to keep a better eye on his dog and keep better control of it. If it hadn't attacked Scratch, it'd still have it's depth perception, but tough shit... It made a decision, and now it lives with it.
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