samllarh (samllarh) wrote in skull_davan,

On the subject of Medical Myths...

I'm glad to say that I've seen one proved wrong.

See, a friend of mine was told the following myth, which she passed on to me: If someone is overweight during their teen years (generally from the age of 12 to 16) their erect penis length will be one inch shorter than it normally would have been for every 20 lbs overweight they are. For example: if someone's ideal weight was 140 lbs, and he weighed 180 lbs, then if he was supposed to have a penis that was 6 inches, it'd turn out to be 4 inches instead.

Now, ignoring for a fact the complete medical problems of this kind of logic, let's look at the realistic ones behind it. According to this, anybody who's 120 lbs overweight (assuming the average penis size is 6") should have a smooth, flat surface unless he'd orginally have been blessed with attributes fit to impress a horse. The vast majority of America today is overweight, and it's not that far out there to assume that there are a few people who manage to make that 100-120 lbs overweight mark.

So, we're assuming that if you're too fat, your dick disappears. Right.

Now, further making this claim ridiculous is the fact that this myth actually comes with a chart, which gives a one column list based on height. For example, if you're 6 feet tall, you should weigh roughly 140 lbs. This chart entirely ignores muscle mass (which can vary drastically from person to person), shoulder breadth (which can have a considerable effect on muscle mass), and other things.

So now we're assuming that if you're too fat or too muscular, your dick disappears.

Now, my friend actually believed all this nonsense, and has for the better part of a year. She was of the opinion that if it was written down, it must be true, and no matter what I said or showed her (via porn), it was still held to be true. She'd been believing this for over a year.

Then, last night, in a fit of drunken revelry, it was decided that every male in the party should line up for a dick measuring contest. I excused myself from the proceedings (frankly, the idea of standing around with my dick out for the amusement of OTHERS without amusing MYSELF at the same time didn't appeal), and my friend saw first hand proof that the chart was totally wrong in our dear old friend Steve.

Steve weighed 260 lbs in highschool, and has been heavily overweight his entire life. He still does weigh in around that area, come to think of it. However, assuming this myth is correct, Steve's penis should be 17 inches long... which is medically impossible without the benefit of extensive surgery or a nuclear power plant next to one's home.

I was quite happy to say "I told you so."

Even if she's now interested in dating Steve. *rolls eyes*
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